A booming economy has given Ho Chi Minh city (often still referred to as Saigon) a new energy and lease of life. Socially the city is flourishing with a sophisticated café culture, an exciting dining scene and burgeoning interest in eclectic art.

Ho Chi Minh also has the largest remaining assortment of French architecture, most famously the Notre Dame cathedral, which lends the city’s sprawl a unique elegance. Wide boulevards turn to narrow streets and timeless alleys are a delight to explore along with its ancient pagodas and thriving street markets.

The War Remnants Museum in the city and the Cu Chi tunnels outside the city give an insightful but sobering account of Vietnam’s more recent history, and no visit to this country is complete without paying homage to this infamous chapter.

Locals, ex-pats and tourists alike cannot help but be enthused by the change here in Ho Chi Minh, making it an exciting place to live and visit. We can help make the most of your time here with well-informed restaurant recommendations, stylish hotels and private tours with our expert local guides.


  • A walking tour to make the most of the city. Ho Chi Minh is best explored on foot
  • Have fun bartering at the bustling city’s markets, Cho Ben Thanh and Cho Lon
  • Discover the country’s eye-opening history at the War Remnants Museum or the Cu Chi tunnels
  • Dine on some of the world’s most delicious cuisine
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